The Kesterport Story

Since 1977 the company ethos has remained unchanged, we are design led and value driven. Kesterport truly represents World Class Furniture.

Our Heritage

For more than 40 years we have delivered World Class Furniture to a wide range of customers, from major hotel projects such as the Burj Al Arab; iconic landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament; and leading UK and European retailers, including Harrods, Selfridges, Furniture Village, DFS and Sofology.

Kesterport is an independent, family owned and run business, with first and second generations working alongside each other across the company.


We relentlessly search for new trends, at home and internationally. Seeking out new materials and means of production to bring our customers the very best the world has to offer; either through in-house development or working with design partners.


We start our product development with a concept, borne out of our constantly evolving vision of modern living. We develop our designs with rapid prototyping to ensure we stay at the forefront of current trends.

Quality and Value

Once we have a strong product concept we strip it back and critically analyse the engineering and manufacturing process.

Here we bring fanatical focus to the construction details, literally the nuts and bolts of it; until we are satisfied it can meet the highest quality standards whilst maintaining a competitive price point.


We have strategic manufacturing and service partners in all continents and complete experience in global logistics. This enables us to meet all customer requirements regardless of size or geographical location.

We deliver World Class Furniture at the right price on time, every time.

Customer Service

Customer service is more than just a department at Kesterport, it is an integral part of our culture and ethos. From the cleaners to the Chairman we are totally committed to great customer service.

Our priority is always to avoid problems occurring in the first place. On the rare occasion something does go wrong we address it as quickly as possible and always look to deliver customer satisfaction.

Location and Team

Our headquarters, showrooms and 30,000 sq ft distribution centre are located in Chertsey, Surrey. From here we operate our fleet of commercial vehicles, expert installation teams, sales, administration, logistical support and dedicated customer service departments.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to developing sustainable business for the future. We seek to meet the highest ethical standards our manufacturing processes and waste reduction. All of our wood products are FSC compliant, we recycle at every available opportunity and we always look to minimise environmental impact.

Kesterport Projects

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